Commercial Roofing

fiber applied coatings

Fiber Optic Coating Dies and Head Assemblies control the thickness and concentricity, as well as apply a protective layer of specified coating over the bare or coated fiber during the drawing or re-coating process. This protects it from the environment that the material will be exposed to. Applied acrylate or polyamide coatings on the bare glass or previously coated fiber also provide protection from mechanical damages such as cable or fiber bending, and/or kinking. This prevents the ingress of moisture into the microscopic flaws on even the most pure glass preforms.


Flex Roofing systems is recognized in the industry as a pioneer in single ply membrane roofing systems, providing a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential low-slope roofing applications. By choosing a TPO roof from Flex, you will be sure that it will be installed only by certified installers who have special training and experience with Flex products and techniques (all Flex products are installed by their expert installers).


The rubber film is made of synthetic EPDM rubber. EPDM rubber film is a single-layer film that can be used for a variety of applications such as waterproofing of basements, roofs/terraces, expansion joints, wet areas (toilet seats), facades, etc. It is a single product that can be used to waterproof most parts of a building. EPDM rubber waterproofing membranes are much better technically and commercially than alternatives such as asphalt membranes, crystalline products, admixtures, various coatings, etc. These products can be avoided in projects using EPDM rubber films.

Commercial Roof Repairs

Dynasty Exeriors LLC has a dedicated Repair and Service Division of the company. The repair and service manager and technicians are specialized and specifically trained in this line of work. Pairing highly trained personnel with the latest software technology, your expectations for using Legacy Roofing should include the following:
  • Highest level of service available
  • Very quick response times
  • 24-hour emergency services available
  • Professional repairs on all roof types
  • Fewer call backs
  • Before / after pictures of all repairs